Event Changes – Third Annual CDH Awareness Blood Drive

Many of you may be wondering why there hasn’t been any information circulating about the Third Annual CDH Awareness Blood Drive. After all, the Holy Trinity Festival is on August 1-3, 2014. Well, unfortunately Hoxworth Blood Centers has changed their criteria for blood drives scheduled on the weekends and the CDH Awareness Blood Drive no longer meets their criteria for units collected. I do want to add that though I am saddened with their decisions, I will continue to donate blood and encourage you all who are willing and capable to do the same. What this means, however is that Matt, Jack and I will be at the Holy Trinity Festival for pure recreation. We wouldn’t miss it and are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces there.

I apologize for the late notice, I was trying to negotiate with my donor coordinator to no avail. Team Jack will take a break this summer to regroup and find other ways to raise awareness for this deadly defect while helping to give back to our community in medical need.

I am thinking a re-do of sorts on Matt and Kaytee’s wedding. Complete with a reggae band and cook out… or another beer Olympics; all to raise money for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Thoughts, Suggestions, Volunteers?


CDH Blood Drive – The Excitement Continues

I am so excited about the response that I have gotten for the CDH Awareness Hoxworth Blood Drive on August 3, 2013! We are approaching the same number of donors as last year which signed up prior to the event. And please remember that walk-up donations are equally as valuable.

Here is just a quick note regarding criteria that must be followed to donate. These are pretty simple:
-You must weigh at least 110 pounds and be at least 17 years old (Though I envy all of you that are less than 110 pounds…)*
-Be in general good healthy and feeling well (no fever, sore throat or flu-like symptoms).

For more information about eligibility or to find parental consent forms, please visit http://www.hoxworth.org/donate_blood/eligibility.html

And some recommendations to help with the donation process:
-Eat a good meal and drink plenty of non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic fluids.
-Remember that you may donate again in 56 days (8 weeks) for whole blood donations and 112 days (16 weeks) for double red donations and can schedule your next donation at any area location at https://donateblood.uc.edu/Donor/ or by calling Hoxworth scheduling at (513) 451-0910.

Thank you to all that have signed up so far. You are helping your community with a priceless gift.

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*A couple exceptions:
-There are different height and weight guidelines if donating double reds. These guidelines can also be found on the website listed above.
-There is a form that can be filled out by the parent or guardian of a 16-year-old that would like to donate blood.

Blood Drive Incentives

hoxworth_blood_center_logoAre you eligible but just don’t have the time? The paperwork and donation usually only takes about 30 minutes. What a great way to start off the weekend?

Are you eligible but don’t have the motivation? In addition to the Oreos and apple juice after the donation, Hoxworth has added another incentive to donating blood and blood products. They have started the Premier Donor Club. For qualifying donations, you collect points which can be used to purchase gift cards to local vendors (ie; Gold Star Chili, LaRosa’s, Montgomery Inn, AMC Theaters, etc.). Each blood donation is worth a set amount of points. For example, one whole blood donation is 500 points. After my second donation, I will have 1000 points and can redeem them for a $10 gift card of my choice. Pretty cool, right? You can learn more and sign up for the Premier Donor Club at hoxworth.org/plus.

Not eligible or not interested in donating? Blood donation isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

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2nd Annual CDH Awareness Blood Drive

hoxworth_blood_center_logoHoly Trinity and Team Jack are teaming up once again to host a blood drive to raise awareness for CDH. The drive will be held in a donor bus located in the parking lot of the Holy Trinity Church Holy Spirit Center parking lot beginning at noon on August 3, 2013. Appointments are taken every 15 minutes but walk-ins are also welcome. Double red cell donation is also an option. Please inform me if this is something you are interested in scheduling or want more information.

After your donation, stick around for some fun, music and corn-on-the-cob at the Holy Trinity Festival. All donors will receive a $4.00 credit towards kids games at the festival which officially starts at 5pm. Saturday’s band is The Remains with Final Order on Friday and Slow Burn Band on Sunday. Be sure to check them out.

If you aren’t the blood donation type or aren’t eligible, don’t worry. It’s not for everyone. But come on over and raise awareness with a good time.

The Quick and Dirty:

CDH Awareness Blood Drive                            Holy Trinity Festival
August 3, 2013                                                   August 2-4 2013
Prior to the Holy Trinity Festival                         2420 Drex Avenue
Holy Spirit Center parking lot                             Cincinnati, OH 45212
Noon- 6:00pm                                                    Friday 6pm – midnight with Final Order
To schedule an appointment:                            Saturday 5pm – midnight with The Remains
Kaytee at 513-607-4011 OR                             Sunday 3pm – 9pm with Slow Burn Band

See you there!

Why I donate Double Red Cells

This page is taken from http://www.hoxworth.org/donate_blood/donate_double_reds.html on Hoxworth’s website. Please visit their site if you have any questions about eligibility, safety and how your donation will be used.

Donate Double Reds


Chances are if you are thinking about donating blood, you already understand the importance of helping others in need. All blood donations are important, but a “two-unit red cell donation” is special. It saves you time because you can safely give twice as much in just one visit to Hoxworth. You may be eligible to donate a double red cells because your blood type might be in demand based on our community’s blood supply level.

What are the donor requirements to give a double red cell donation?


For donors giving two units of red blood cells in one donation event, the deferral period will be extended from 56 to 112 days between donations. Donor eligibility for double red cell collection will be determined differently and will vary by sex.

All donors are required to have at least a 40% hematocrit (HCT), which is the percentage of red blood cells in the total volume of whole blood (whole blood = red cells + plasma).


Is collecting two units of red blood cells from the same donation safe?

Donor and patient safety are our top priorities. Like whole blood, the process uses a sterile, single-use needle and tubing set. Also, the automated system is designed specifically to assure you do not give too much blood. While you are donating two units of red cells, the total volume of the donation is slightly less than that of a single whole blood donation because we are returning the remaining components (platelets and plasma) and saline back to you.


Will I feel the same as when I donate whole blood?

You may even feel better. First, we return all your plasma and platelets, plus 500 mL of saline. This way, you never lose the liquid portion of your blood, which is responsible for carrying the nutrients throughout your body. Second, this procedure uses a smaller needle than whole blood collection, so double red cell donation may be more comfortable for you.

Does this procedure take longer than giving whole blood?

Yes. The donation of two units of red cells by this method takes approximately 35 minutes. Your entire visit will most likely take slightly longer than 60 minutes.  Since two units are collected from you, you may serve twice as many patients with a single donation. With enough donors participating, the adequacy of the regional blood supply is significantly enhanced, which means fewer blood shortages. This may also fit into your schedule better, too. Because you are donating two units of red cells, you must wait 16 weeks, or 112 days, between donations. This is twice as long than a whole blood donation.


How does it work?

Blood is drawn from one arm and channeled through a sterile, single-use tubing kit to an automated machine. The automated system separates and collects the most needed components…in this case, two units of red blood cells…and then safely returns the remaining blood components back to you through the same arm.

Would You Donate Blood to Save a Life? A Poll

Would you donate to save three lives? One pint of whole red blood cells can save three lives and it only takes 20 minutes of your day.

Jack received a continuous transfusion of blood while on ECMO for the first two weeks of his life just to keep him alive. He then received units of blood for surgeries and to maintain a proper level of circulated blood products. Without the generosity of selfless donors, Jack wouldn’t have been given his fighting chance. Matt and I feel it’s time to give back and would like your help.

We are planning a blood drive with Hoxworth Blood Center on July 15, 2012 and would like to know if you are interested in donating blood and saving a life. We are working on the details with a Blood Drive Coordinator at Hoxworth and need an approximate number of donors. We are also working with Breath of Hope to make this an awareness event for CDH. All of us together will make a great team to raise awareness, save lives and have a fun afternoon.

If you are a seasoned donor, this will be a great opportunity for you to continue being a part of a nobel populations for a great cause. If you are a newbie and would like to donate, this is a great time to start your involvement. If you are interested in donating but have some questions or concerns, please see the Hoxworth website. There are great FAQ pages that can answer all your questions, ease all your concerns and supply your inquisitive side with some fun ‘blood facts’. If you aren’t interested in donating blood, that’s okay. It’s not for everyone…come by anyway and join us in spreading the awareness of CDH. Increasing awareness may one day help us find the cause and solution.

All are welcome, tell your friends and we will have more information soon.