About Us

The Roettgers Family is a unit of four. Matt is a graphic artist and a dad; Kaytee is a food scientist and a mom; Amber is a lovable brown dog; and Jack…he’s our miracle. Jack was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in June of 2011. As I type, he is home. Taking a nap in his own crib, in his own house thanks to all the remarkable nurses and doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

This site will be used to educate, inform and update the happenings at the Roettgers’ House. It will be about our struggles and triumphs with CDH, a little advice and tips on parenting (as we make them up) and an overall update of Jack and his adventure in this world.

We hope that this site will help many families see into the house and lives of one great success story. This is in no way a site giving medical advice. We don’t know everything about parenting or CDH, but we know Jack.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. What a wonderful blog!! I am so glad to hear that your son is home after a long journey. Can’t wait to hear more. Thank you for the time and energy you are putting into it. It is amazing how encouraging other people’s stories can be to help us on our own.

    • Angela, I’m glad that you can find some comfort in our story. This blog is in it’s early stages so there is much more to come. Check back and I can give you all the exciting details about Jack’s progress! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I have never witnessed a miracle like ‘Jack”!! I’m so proud of Jack’s stength, that of course came from Katie and Matt. I also want to shout out a huge ‘Thank you” and XO to my best friend and my sister, Debbie! You are always in my prayers! I love you all so much and I’m so happy we ‘know Jack’ and will spend our lives here on God’s earth together.
    ~Aunt Diane

    • Aunt Diane, Thank you for all the support that you, Uncle Geoff and the kids have shown us. Jack has entered into a great family and we wouldn’t have the strength that we could give him without all of you. We love you!

  3. Kaytee and Matt, You both are amazing parents with strength beyond words. You have already gone through such an arduous journey; yet in many ways the journey is just beginning. Jack is truly a miracle and it is clear that with your continued tenacity, guidance and encouragement he will have a wonderful life ahead of him. Brian and I are proud to be friends with such strong courageous people such as you and Matt and I look forward to seeing Jack grow and fight to live a long healthy life. With love, -Carrie

  4. As a grandma (mawmaw) I have felt the fears, tears, hope, joy, and miraculous smiles (mostly from Jack, himself!!) these past months. I think all of Jack’s grandparents would agree that besides the concern for Jack, there was also the concern for Matt and Kaytee. After all, they are our children, and when your child hurts, so do you. It doesn’t matter that they are all grown up and are now parents themselves. Our kids do lots of things that make us proud, but I have never been more proud of my son, Matt, and his wife, Kaytee. They have handled each difficult situation with determination, hope, and dignity. Their love for each other and for their sweet baby Jack has seen them and all of our family through it all. I believe that Jack is truly a miracle baby and thank God every day that we have been given this chance to “just love him to pieces.” I know there will continue to be challenges ahead for Daddy, Mommy and Jack. I don’t doubt for an instant that this happy little family will remain strong and overcome those challenges. After all, they come from “good stock.!!”.
    Much love,
    MawMaw and GrandDave

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