Jack’s First Day of School

Today fulfilled a dream which Jack has been talking about for weeks – the first day of school. A chance for him to play with other kids and learn in a group environment with his peers.

Though we were originally trying to get Jack enrolled in a medically sensitive preschool program, he was too healthy and developmentally caught up to be accepted. Rather, he was accepted into a mixed class with both typical kids and kids with developmental delays.

All his doctors agreed that he was healthy enough to be in a class with other kids during the flu season. Though there is risk of him getting sick and possibly spending time on oxygen, it will be valuable for him to be introduced into a group of his peers.


The first day of school went just as I expected, he ran into the front doors with excitement. We checked out his cubbie and put his new backpack and raincoat inside.


All the kids start the day with a bathroom break and washing their hands and Jack would be not be an exception on his first day. As he turned to follow the teacher to the bathrooms he realized that we were not hot on his trail and he turned to instruct us to follow. When he realized we were actually trying to sneak off, the flood gates opened and he was beside himself. In an attempt to keep the progress and divert Jack’s attention, the teacher turned Jack and guided him down the hall; Jack protesting the whole way.


I was really upset by the time we reached the car and wanted to go back And rescue him, but I knew that by the end of his two and a half hour class, he would be loving it, he just needed a little time to adjust.

Luckily for me and my nerves, Jack has a cousin who works at the school as a teacher. He checked in on Jack during snack time and let us know the update…Jack was eating his snack and loving it. Jack reported that he was having fun and the teacher confirmed that Jack had quickly made himself at home and was having fun with the other kids. Thank goodness for cousins!

When I went to pick him up from school, He was eager to see me at the door but immediately told me about the fun he had playing with the kids. He had a” great time”.  The teacher let me know that he was a happy boy and played well and even stayed in his chair for the majority of circle time.

I think tomorrow may be a little more smooth…or so I pray.

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About Kaytee

I am a food scientist by training and a mom by experiment. My beautiful son, Jack was born on November 7, 2011 with a birth defect called Left-Side Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). My goal is to reach out to other families dealing with the same or similar hardships as well as keep everyone updated on Jack's development.

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