We Know Jack: The Documentary

From the moment we found out we were (but mostly Kaytee) pregnant, I wanted to purchase a video camera to capture the whole experience. It would mostly be for our entertainment as well as any family members and friends who wanted to sit through some of the adorable things we knew Jack would eventually do. However…

When we found out about Jack having CDH, we thought there was so much more to offer in the form of a documentary. The doc will feature the gender announcement, Kaytee’s hospital stay at Good Sam and Children’s, interviews with family members, information about CDH, and what we went through day to day as we started to “Know Jack”.

Look for the official trailer in the upcoming weeks. It will be posted on this page, as well as all “We Know Jack: The Documentary” updates.


2 thoughts on “We Know Jack: The Documentary

  1. Yes! It is going to be amazing just like the three of you! You are helping so many people in so many ways. I’m so proud of you guys, you’re such good, inspiring people. I wish we were together more, but I’m often thankful to have each of you in my life. Thinking of you often, can’t wait for the doc…love Lindsey

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