A Jack Update

A little update on the happenings in the Roettgers house.

Jack has been healing nicely since his three-day stay in Children’s in late March/early April. It turned out he had a bronchial virus and just needed a couple of days to rest. A lot of sleep and some oxygen supplementation did the trick. We have only have one other time where his oxygen saturation dropped but it was only for an hour and he was back up and running with no other symptoms.

In May, I started traveling a lot for work. I like it for the most part so it’s okay. I hate the part where I’m away from my family, but I guess you can’t have one without the other. I would use that as an excuse for my lack of posting, but we all know that’s not my issue… We also took a family trip to Orlando for a week. Jack had a blast running around the condo pool, we took a one day trip to Clearwater Beach, took a winery tour (which really made the food scientist in me happy), and spent one day at Sea World. Jack was beside himself at Sea World; exploring all the new and amazing animals and walking in the masses of kids on their family vacations.

On June 10th, Jack had a three-part surgery at Cincinnati Children’s. He had the screws in his left hip removed, had an inguinal hernia repaired and a routine ML&B. He did so well, Jack was released from the hospital later that day. All three of us were so happy that we didn’t have to spend another night in the hospital. Cincinnati Children’s, you do amazing work in saving children but your furniture could be an effective form of torture. Your seats in the same day surgery waiting room are no better. I feel that we have clocked enough hours for a Temperpedic.

July has brought a bunch of parties which Jack was more than willing to attend. Jack is coming into his own as a lover of his child peers and is even showing an interest in sharing, as long as that means the other kids want to share in a game that requires a ball.

Since Jack’s hip screw removal (about 6 weeks), Jack has becoming a great walker. He has taken a great interest in golf and baseball and is improving both swings.

Until next time, here is a little video of Jack perfecting his gold swing with his deluxe plastic golf set from Wal-Mart.

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About Kaytee

I am a food scientist by training and a mom by experiment. My beautiful son, Jack was born on November 7, 2011 with a birth defect called Left-Side Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). My goal is to reach out to other families dealing with the same or similar hardships as well as keep everyone updated on Jack's development.

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