Cast Free Is The Way To Be

We are finishing up our fourth day of being cast free and I have to say I love it. Jack is so happy to be free from that cast and he is showing it in his attitude. He is so much fun to be around and its a lot of entertaining to see him discover the mobile world again.

The actual un-casting process was a horrible experience for him. The saw was loud and had to come up to his shoulders to remove the bar around his chest under his arm pits. He was absolutely petrified and screamed during the whole process; bursting capillaries in his eyelids and cheeks as he struggled. Once the cast was fully removed, we were able to give him a quick cleaning before a couple x-rays. The x-rays showed that his hip is still in the socket and all is good.

Next we picked up his brace from Hanger Orthopedic. Jack isn’t a fan, but it will help him adjust to life on the go without straining a recovery hip. He will wear the brace for 23 hours a day for 3 months.

All in all, Jack is bouncing back quickly. He is already doing an army crawl while wearing the brace, and he allowed us to bear weight on his legs tonight for a short time. He’ll be up and moving in no time.

And there is a bonus; since Jack was so used to the cast, he is a little insecure without that plaster armour, so Matt and I are really getting in some little boy cuddle time. We are enjoying it to the fullest since we know it won’t last too long.


Jack giving his ‘stink face’ as we waited in the office before the de-casting. This is the last time you will see this cast…well, the last time you will see it on Jack’s body.





ABM_1393213942 This screen was brought up on while we were waiting for get the cast off. It is a list of all the images that have been taken of Jack at Children’s. The red arrow is a list of the actual images. The blue arrow is of how many images were taken at the time.




ABM_1393214035This is on the same screen as the imaging list. Notice how small the scroll bar is on the left side. I wish I could have had a nickel for all the images that Children’s has for Jack. I would take a small hiatus from work!




ABM_1392916846 After the cast removal, the cast was just tossed into a trash can in the room. It really did look like we threw Jack away.





IMG_20140223_224527Jack quickly began to relax once we got home. After a good nap, he immediately went to his play room which had been neglected during the cast period. What a ham bone.





IMG_20140223_225015We took serious advantage of our spring-like weather on Saturday. Jack was finally able to ride on this tricycle that he got for Christmas. We took a walk down to UDF, loaded up on chocolate malts (and Funyons for Jack) and headed back home so we could show him off to the neighbors.


3 thoughts on “Cast Free Is The Way To Be

  1. What a great day!!! I am so happy for you all, especially Jack! He is such an inspiration! I am very thankful for your blog posts and being able to keep up with how you are all doing. This was such a great post to wake up to this morning! Love you all and think of you often. Sending hugs your way!

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