The Thanksgiving Ball-Buster

Jack is in day two of recovery and is finally my little boy again. His spirits are up and he is eating a soft pretzel with cheese sauce and french fries.

Earlier today, the doctors came into Jack’s room and let us know that he was doing great and will be released by mid-day to go home. Matt and I were so excited to be released a day early and immediately began cleaning the room and packing our things. All that we needed was for Jack to tolerate two tube feeds before they would sign the paperwork.

The first feed was a success and we waiting with Tim and Kate for the next feed. 2:30pm rolled around and it was time for the second feed. The doctor on the floor said that she would be happy for Jack to go home if he could tolerate a whole 8oz bolus feed of formula; so we obliged. I was going to do anything to get us outta here. Matt and I decided to take the bolus slow since he was only 48 hours out of surgery. Jack tolerated the whole bolus so we continued on to the flush of water. And without warning, he blew formula out of his mouth like a Vegas fountain—directly into his cast.

After getting his cast and sheets cleaned up, I talked to the doctor in charge of discharge. Though she wasn’t too concerned with the vomiting, she mentioned that his heart rate was a little too high and Jack would need to stay the night so labs can be run in the morning.

So, here we are—our things are unpacked and back to their random placement in this tiny hospital room.  Jack is back to being frustrated and Matt and I are struggling to decide who we would like to win the Steelers v Ravens game.


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