For Real This Time

We have found ourselves up early on another surgery morning. With it only being 33°F, Jack is bundled to the nines with a collection of stuffed animals in the back seat to keep him company.

Jack should be called back to pre-surgery in 2 minutes but in classic Roettgers style, we are still on the highway. You are not surprised.

I will keep all of you updated on Jack’s status today. If you’re the praying type, please send up a quick word… the cast is going to be very trying for this little hoodlum.


3 thoughts on “For Real This Time

  1. You can do this Jack!! So much love and prayers from your Aunt Jenni and cousin Ben ❤ and just think…when you get out of your cast you can RUN ALL OVER YOUR NEW KITCHEN!!!!

  2. Lots of prayers your way!!!!!! Such a brave little hoodlum (as Kaytee calls him), and such a brave big “hoodlums” to mom and dad. Hugs from Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Jim.

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