Jack’s Mega Party

I was chosen to be a HouseParty Host of a Mega Bloks First Builders Block Party!

If you are not aware of HouseParty, check them out at www.houseparty.com. They are a company that teams with other companies to bring new products to you to test. If you are chosen as a HouseParty Host, you are sent the new product, throw a party using the product with your friends and family, and evaluate the product on their website and other social media sites.

So, back to the party. I signed up and was chosen to host a party for Mega Bloks in which I would be sent a package of new Mega Bloks toys to share with Jack. The package contained a Billy Beats Piano, Blok Buddies and two Block bags.

Matt and I hosted the Block Party on November 10. Since Jack is on flu restriction and is not allowed to be around children, we hosted the party with only adult family members who had been healthy and had their flu shot.

I brought out the products for the first time during the party and Jack’s face lit up. A party with toys?! This is the perfect day for a two-year-old. Jack loved the bloks and the Blok Buddies though I think he is still a little uneasy about Billy Beats. Well, have to work on that. This is the first piano he’s had that also dances….

group 1 group 2 Jack and Granny Jack and Mommy Jack Granny and Mommy Jacks grab and go Jacks pile Jack's reach sleepy Jack


One thought on “Jack’s Mega Party

  1. Dang I missed the Blocks – must of been after I left….and he finally fell asleep I see. I still had fun with my best boy….

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