It’s Official, Jack is 2

I guess this is how it feels to have a newborn at home.

Jack has always been such a good sleeper and Matt and I really took it for granted. He came home from the hospital at 5 months old, sleeping through the night and surrendering himself to naps without a fight.

What happened?

He will seldom wake up in the middle of the night, but fights sleep at the end of the day. He has to fall asleep while cuddling with Daddy on the couch. He usually doesn’t succumb to sleep until about 11pm. This, of course is after two attempts to put his sleepy, limp body into bed…resulting in crying. Then after 6 hours of sleep, he is up again. Crying at the bedroom door with no intention of returning to sleep.

I have changed his room humidifier, removed items hanging on his walls and even removed the night-light for a night. When I tell him to go lay down and go back to sleep, we crawls aways from the doorway only to stand in front of his dresser, pointing, crying and calling for which parent isn’t readily available.


What is going on? Does anyone have suggestions? My mental state depends on it. Is he just being two or is there an underlying issue that I am unaware of?

We have tried the Ferber Method for back-to-sleep training but that only lasted a week. He only sleeps peacefully in our bed, and we are NOT a co-sleeping family. HELP!


5 thoughts on “It’s Official, Jack is 2

  1. I think he is just being 2 🙂 Unless you can deal with the crying (and ignore’s tough) then he will keep doing it because he is getting what he wants. I used to let Ben “fight/cry” himself to sleep all the time….it takes some time and lots of tears (from him AND me)….but he eventually knew that when it’s time for bed…’s time for bed! haha
    Love you guys and good luck!

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