Thank You For Your Prayers

So, we are home now and getting back into the grove of daily life. Jack is doing well and has shown no signs of a cold or otherwise. We all think it was just the little left over funk hanging out in his lungs. I’m sure the lung lavage really helped out too.

Thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes. As you all know, they will never go unused in a place like Children’s Hospital. Regardless of the circumstance.

Jack has already been rescheduled for his second attempt of hip surgery. November 26 is the big day. If you would like to join Matt and I for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria, that’s where we’ll be. It’s either then, or February of 2014.

So, now we wait again. We are using this time to further our attempts to make Jack the fattest baby possible. The thicker (healthy) the baby, the better the results (recovery). We are also working on walking and vocabulary comprehension. If he is able to tell me where it hurts after this surgery, even in the most primitive sense, I will feel accomplished.

Jack's ice cream obsession


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