The Temporal Thermometer Search

As we all know by now, Jack is scheduled for a hip surgery next week which will result in a bilateral spica cast. For the purpose of being as nice as possible to a presumably frustrated baby, I am going to bypass all the ‘gold standard’ methods of temperature taking and am looking for a temporal artery thermometer. There are two that I would really, REALLY like…

Exergen TAT 5000 – used at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Why not mimic the lifesavers?! Retail $450

Scanadu Scout – What an all-purpose tool this could be to a CDHer?!                          Retail $500

But, alas, I am not independently wealthy, or any kind of wealth for that matter.

I am looking to make this investment this week and am looking for some suggestions of temporal artery thermometers that some of you have used and found success.


I feel like this post is a little misleading. The two above thermometers are the only temporal artery thermometers that I have any experience with (the Scanadu Scout is only virtual experience). This is not the typical price for in-home temporal thermometers. Those two examples are on my pipe-dream wish list. In-Home use models tend to be priced around $50 or so. I don’t want people to think that I am taking out a small loan to investigate a fever. Sorry.  : )


5 thoughts on “The Temporal Thermometer Search

  1. Kaytee if I give you 250.00 towards the CHMC one, can you get anybody else to help with the other part of price??  

    Susan G. Waters


    • Oh my goodness, Susie. I appeciate the offer but you don’t have to do that. There are plenty of other thermometers that are great for home use and are much cheaper. The CCHMC one’s are propbably build for thousands of uses. I certainly won’t be using it that many times before Jack gives it a good toss and cracks the plastic housing. I was actually looking at the ‘home’ version from the same company which retails for $40 but there are mixed reviews so I wanted to get some family and friend opinions.

      On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 12:13 PM, We Know Jack

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