Another Successful Blood Drive

2013 Blood Drive_2013_8-3

Thank you to all of you who took a chance on the weather and came out to join us at the 2nd Annual CDH Awareness Blood Drive and Holy Trinity Festival. I am still amazed that it didn’t rain all day!

We ended up having about the same number of people registered as last year….but the deferrals. Sheesh. But it’s all in an effort to keep the donors healthy and help the recipients get healthy. So, without further ado, the results.

We collected a total of 17 units of blood. That is with 7 deferrals! Congratulations to all who came out to donate and encourage! 17 units of blood and blood products can save the lives of as many as 51 people (unless you are like Jack and used all that in one week). You all have given a priceless gift of life. Your donations can only come from you and can not be manufactured. Also, thank you to the Hoxworth team for coming out to collect or donations and entertaining us on the bus. This drive was #4 for me with Hoxworth and I have yet to find an unpleasant staff member.

And thank you for continuing to show your support at the Holy Trinity Festival. All that dry weather, good music and great friends made the draft beer taste even better (though I partook in bottles). And congratulations to Ben for his big festival winnings. Matt and I are still amazed. We both remember an entire childhood of Bars and Bells and as big as a $5 win.

Now to look forward to next year. I am working on my plan for advertising the 3rd Annual CDH Awareness Blood Drive complete with radio and community advertisement. If you have any suggestions on how to get this event out into the public eye, please share. My goal is to double the collection next year. Yes, a lofty goal; but you can reach it if it’s not there.

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