Jack’s Plaque in the NICU

This post came a little sooner than I anticipated.

In September of last year, I received a call that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital would be remodeling the NICU and adding the Maternal Fetal Medicine unit to the NICU. For those of you who know, the MFM Center used to be on the 7th floor Location A at Children’s. The NICU on the 4th floor Location B. This meant a little field trip for Matt and I to visit Jack at his bedside while I was still in recovery. Not ideal, but do-able. So this move will be a great convenience for the families to easily be united with their sick and/or premature babies.

After the explanation of the move and remodeling, the representative from Children’s then explained that they will be installing a wall with MFM and NICU success stories and would like to feature Jack on the wall. Matt and I were honored and gladly accepted.

A freelance writer called about a month later and recorded our story and got consent for the publishing of the story and for a photographer to come to the house.

Christmas card_2012


After waiting another month and bringing us to November, the photographer came to the house and took dozens of great pictures of Jack, Matt and I (Amber snuck in to a couple as well). I’m sure some of you may remember our Christmas card last year. That photo came from that Children’s photo shoot.



Today I received an email from the Children’s Hospital representative informing me that the plaque is up in the lobby of the MFM / NICU and can be viewed and admired by all. Can’t or don’t want to make the trip to the NICU? Don’t worry, I have posted a photo of the plaque below. Enjoy!

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge


3 thoughts on “Jack’s Plaque in the NICU

  1. God Blessed us with the perfect little miracle and this plaque made me cry (thanks)…good thing i keep a FULL box of tissues at my desk at ALL times. I love this plaque and I love Jack….thanks for this update..it made my day!!!!! and my heart is smiling 🙂

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