Did Ya Miss Us?

Wow, what a busy month or so. But I have gotten enough elbow nudges from family and friends to send out a little update here and there, so here I am. I like to please Jack’s fans.

I will be making smaller posts over the next couple days since there is so much to cover. I don’t want to bore you with a long, drawn out post.

A table of contents in no particular order:

Eating Progress
Language Progress
Motor Skills
World War II Reunion Trip
4th Annual CDH Summit and Picnic
Upcoming Procedures
Peanut Allergies
Discontinued Medications

And possibly a photo gallery or two. You know my photos are piling up.

Keep a look-out for new posts and exciting stories. Some you may have already heard, but these will have pictures.  : )

keep smilin

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About Kaytee

I am a food scientist by training and a mom by experiment. My beautiful son, Jack was born on November 7, 2011 with a birth defect called Left-Side Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). My goal is to reach out to other families dealing with the same or similar hardships as well as keep everyone updated on Jack's development.

2 thoughts on “Did Ya Miss Us?

  1. what do I think??? I think Jack is the (other) CUTEST STINKIN KID IN THE WORLD (tied with Ben of course) love him xoxoxox

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