Wanna See Something Scary?

So, a much belated update. Jack is now on the move. He has mastered crawling and is on to pulling himself up on furniture and cruising….and climbing the stairs. We have made a small investment in baby gates, especially since and addition of a new playroom on the second floor has become a large motivator for climbing.

This past weekend, he also had the chance to meet more members of the family. We all went to Brian and Mandy’s (my cousins) baby shower. They’re having a girl!!! Congratulations on your little Paisley. And your party motif was so cute. Sorry for eating all your Sixlets.  : )

Needless to say, Jack enjoyed all the attention and spent most of his time oggling at his beautiful cousin Cecilia, though he certainly didn’t think Courtney was hard on the eyes either. He does love the ladies.

We also have a new development on feeding. Though he is doing great on his oral feeds in regards to volume and calories, he is still trying to gain a little weight that was lost from a rotavirus that he had back in February. Paired with an attempt to wean him off of night feeds for safety reasons, we are slowly increasing his calories per ounce on his formula feeds. We are up to 26 calories/ounce from 20. The highest we can go with his current Pediasure is 30 calories/ounce, so we are almost there. Then we will turn off the night feeds and be pump free! just boluses during the day. Then after he gains his weight back, we will talk about weaning them too.

It is truly amazing how he is growing and learning. There were many times that I thought we would never get to this point. It’s a great blessing to worry about all the normal stuff like ‘baby-proofing’ and fighting with a picky eater. And to tell you the truth, I still do take a moment to listen to him crying sometimes. It reminds me of his extubation when we heard him cry for the first time. I think it allows the frustration of a crying baby to set in a little slower.


2 thoughts on “Wanna See Something Scary?

  1. God love him!! I know I do!! I can’t wait to see him again….hope he can come to some of Ben’s games and cheer him on this spring/summer!!!! ❤ you guys

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