We Know Jack: The Trailer

I have finally put together the official trailer to “We Know Jack”. It was tough to revisit some of this old footage and see how sick Jack really was. It is helpful to take breaks from the film to actually watch and play with Jack now, and see how wonderful he really is. The experience, though stressful and scary, was totally worth it. Hope everyone enjoys. I plan on having the full documentary in the Fall of this year (2013).

Disclaimer: It is a tear jerker, so you may not want to watch at work. I have seen it 20+ times and it still draws a little water works.


3 thoughts on “We Know Jack: The Trailer

  1. I don’t know how else to put it other than that the two of you are amazing in every thing you do. All of our love to each of you.

    Lindsey Sullivan & Family ❤

  2. Ready to see all the wonderful things he’s been able to do and see this past year or so! 🙂 You all are amazing, and God is with you!

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