Jack’s First Christmas at Home and Other Stories

Welcome back, Jack Followers. I have to admit, I have been enjoying this mundane life of ours lately. There was a stretch of no doctors appointments, no disasters worth sharing and no plans to change the status quo. Jack is taking tube feeds by gravity now and the pump is only used for overnight feeds. This leaves a lot of time for Matt, Jack and I to work on oral feeding which is going great. He is up to about 400 calories on any given day. Since this is almost half of the calories he requires in a 24 hour period, I am talking with the dietitian in the High Risk Clinic at Children’s about weaning off the overnight feeds (or at least a portion of it). He is LOVING hulless popcorn that his Great Grandma bought him for Christmas. He is going to be just like his cousin Ben with their insatiable love for cheese balls.

So, I will back up a little on the timeline and go back to the first week of December. I couldn’t take it any longer and convinced Matt to give Jack his first haircut. Matt was on board with the haircut but it took some convincing for him to actually sit down and do it. He didn’t need a lot taken off. Just the long sections in the back and his Lovely Lady Curls on the sides. I knew my mom would have a breakdown and I kinda liked a little of the curls myself so he only got a trim.

haircut 3

Pre-Haircut Concerns

haircut 2

Post-Haircut Bath

Babybook Locks

Babybook Locks






He was left with a clean and handsome little boy look and his first curl is tucked away in the baby book.

Then nothing good happened until Christmas. It was nice to have Jack in the house as we decorated for Christmas this year. Last year, Matt and I managed to put the ornaments on the tree on Christmas Eve after we had plenty to drink at Matt’s Grandpa’s house. And you know I cried the entire time. But this year, Jack watched in awe as we put lights up the stair banister and around the door. And of course he can’t get enough of the Christmas tree.

Christmas festivities were pretty lame for Jack since he is on flu restriction and didn’t go out to see his family, but he did have some good evenings with grandparents and aunts that hung out with him while we visited with family for the holidays.

On Christmas morning, we all woke up together (a little too early for my liking but Jack did sleep in a little. What a great gift). We walked down the living room and Jack took one look at the lights on the tree and all the presents and was beside himself. This kid is so spoiled, he becomes frantic when he sees a gift. Jack opened his presents first, then Matt and I. It was great to see Jack open his own present this year verses Matt and I opening them for him a week after Christmas because he finally woke up after surgery #3. What the difference a year makes.

If you’re looking for Christmas photos, you won’t find them here. Instead, you will have to wait a little to see the video (after Matt edits out all the boring stuff and weird shots of my face too close or those prolonged floor shots you always get).

Now, as we prepare to spend our first New Years celebration together, the house is a mess, Jack and Matt are sleeping peacefully, and I am not far behind.

We hope you all had a  great Christmas and have a safe New Year. And to all the Gorge goers and canoe-ers, Happy Christmas, Merry Manza and a Great New Year to you!


3 thoughts on “Jack’s First Christmas at Home and Other Stories

  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year! Its wonderful to hear how things are going so well for your beautiful family. Xoxo Jack ❤ and family, we miss and love you all.

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