A Visit to the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights

photo 1If you ever want to see an infant completely amazed and guarded all at once, take them to the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights. Jack (and I) was fortunate enough to visit the zoo on Monday night to enjoy some unseasonably great weather, a handful of never before recognized animals and an impressive collection of orchestrated Christmas lights and music.

We went after work, that matched with the beautiful weather, we were bound to run into a big crowd. For this reason, I thought a box of cookies would be a great little snack while we waited; but of course in classic ‘Kaytee’ style, I burned them. They waited in the car for us. The line was actually tolerable and Jack was in good spirits so everything was a-okay. We were even given a half-off admission coupon in line from the couple ahead of us. How nice.

photo 2Jack was all over amazed at the lights that danced with the music. And the train passing by was a nice little treat. We made our way past the Skyline hut (after a little stop to gobble down some coneys and “carefully” feed Jack some chili and cheese) and headed to see the elephants. I’d have to say Jack wasn’t all that impressed. I think he was more entertained that I was letting him stand on the concrete knee wall before the protective glass. Simple pleasures…so we moved on to the aviary.

photo 3The first room in the aviary was full of smaller birds which were decently quiet. My dad started a one-sided squawking conversation with the birds and Jack followed with some grunts and growls. He was very entertained by this and continued his bird calls into the next room which housed some bigger, louder and more mobile birds. After only moments in the second room, Jack kept his eyes on as many birds as possible and sealed his mouth. He didn’t look scared as much as on alert and ready to demand retreat if it was necessary. But we would leave soon since the humidity in the Australasia Aviary was quite high.

photo 4After an unfruitful search for awake monkeys, we started for the front entrance. It was 10pm and we were slowly being pushed out by zoo security.

I can’t wait to get season passes next year to the zoo. I think Jack will be old enough to really appreciate it and will also be a little more healthy to stay out in public for longer periods in the winter months.


4 thoughts on “A Visit to the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights

  1. What can I say but Priceless, I am so glad he got to see that. His eyes are just so wide and glowing. I am happy for all of you.

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