Scanadu Medical Tricorder: Measures Vital Signs In 10 seconds

Take a look at this little guy. Doesn’t look like much, but if you have a sick infant and you know its capability, you will be as excited as I am for its release.

I received this article this morning from Fast Company which prompted additional research. Fast Company reports that when this little device is held to your temple for 10 seconds, it will read your vital signs, including temperature, ECG, blood oxygen saturation (SPO2), heart rate and breathing rate with 99% accuracy. They quote co-founder Walter DeBrouwer, “It lets the consumer explore all the diagnostic possibilities of an emergency room.” But as any CDH parent knows, they are not just vital signs that we need to know in the emergency room. They are vitals that we need to know everyday, sometimes several times a day and can let us know if an emergency room visit is necessary or not (we have gone on two emergency Emergency Department visits since August).

Sounds great, right?! Do you want more? Of course you do. To make the device more consumer interactive and educate the average consumer about these important vital signs, the data is collected and sent to a free app on your smart phone which records all the readings into a color coded rating system. And the researchers and developers are also working on a system that will allow users to send data to their doctors.

I am imagining it now.

scenario #1: We pack up a diaper bag which is carrying the Scanadu. We leave the large pulse oximeter at home and head to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for Jack’s High Risk Clinic appointment that is scheduled every other month. The nurses already have his vitals for the previous two months which I had sent to them earlier in the week. The first 30 minutes of the appointment is not consumed with talking about his trending vitals. That is already taken care of. We can focus on his improvements, areas of concern and plans for the following two months.

scenario #2: A similar scenario to an ED visit back in October with a twist. Jack is getting some kind of cold. It is 2am and he is coughing and having breathing complications. He is kicking and crying too hard to wrap the pulse oximeter around his toe. Even if we got it secured, he would kick too much and the meter would not get an accurate reading. Before we load up the car to head to the ED, we take a quick 10 second reading with the Scanadu, get all Jack’s vitals on my iPhone and head to the car. When we reach the ED, all the information that they require before treatment is already together. Though they will still measure all his vitals, they always ask and I hate not having an answer. “Well, the pulse oximeter wasn’t working so I don’t know his SPO2 but his lips weren’t a deep blue and I don’t think it’s TOO low.”

Oh, the futuristic idea of being less stressed about my baby’s health. This has put me into a great mood.

Keep an eye out for its public release scheduled for year-end 2013 with a price tag of around $150. A small price to pay for added security and peace of mind. And if you want more info, check out their website There, you will find trailers, news and a blog. And ‘Like’ them on Facebook for updates.


2 thoughts on “Scanadu Medical Tricorder: Measures Vital Signs In 10 seconds

  1. Remember when you used to shop for clothes on line for the best fashions and bargains. Now it’s the medical devices, how life has changed. Your a terrific mother.

    • Thanks. Yeah…life has changed, a little. I’m still looking for the latest fashions and bargains. The ‘Retail Me Not’ app is AWESOME!

      On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 11:22 AM, We Know Jack

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