A Great Day for a Walk

It’s been over a week and I have already lost one version of this post due to not saving…so I will try again and make sure this one is posted.

We were given a great day for a walk to benefit the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and all it’s patients and families. Team Jack met by the ‘T’ banner, coffee in hand. The weather was great considering there was rain in the forecast but not in the sky. With the temperature hovering a little over 60ºF, we bundled up, got our race bibs and t-shirts and starting on our walk.

It was very nice to be the normal family amongst a sea of people who were also pulling off the walking trail to administer medications, fill feeding pumps and reorganize piles of equipment under the stroller.

We only encountered one incident where we had to change Jack’s clothes due to a leaking mic-key button but used that chance to change his diaper and then we were on our way. We finished the walk way behind the pack and joined in on the line for pizza….of course until Matt mentioned chicken wings. Then on to Logo’s we went for some chicken wings, beer and commaraderie.

I definitely want to give a special Thank You!! to all who walked and/or made donations. Team Jack and all our donors were able to donate over $1750.00 to CDH research efforts at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the donations are still rolling in (the last donations will be accepted until October 31).



5 thoughts on “A Great Day for a Walk

  1. I had so much fun hanging out with my 2 best boys (well 4 really with my Punkin Ben and handome Tim). But being with you, and your family made me feel needed too. Jack was so good during his first walk and I cannot wait to do more with him, when he is actually walking along with us (even running from us hahaha) I love you all.

  2. I didn’t know about the walk until the night before & I had plans already how do I find out about fundraisers for Jack or CDH. Where was it posted?

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