Croup, There It Is

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

So, by the title of this post, you should probably have gathered that we are dealing with an incidence of croup in our house. And you guessed it, Jack is the culprit; barking like a seal.

I guess it really started about a week ago but the only symptom was a stuffy nose in the mornings which would clear up quickly once he started to move around. We all attributed it to the change in seasons and an untimely broken furnace. Don’t worry, we have two. Not the ideal situation, but there are no artic conditions at our house.

Thursday night rolls around and Jack is sleeping soundly. It’s about midnight and I am finally settling for bed. Don’t ask. Jack is starting to sound a little stuffy but nothing alarming so I check his formula levels in his feeding system and head for bed. It only takes about an hour and I am woken by the sound of a baby mouth-breathing in the adjacent room (that would be Jack’s nursery). So I go in to check him out. He is sleeping ‘soundly’ but nobody wants to mouth-breath all night so I make the decision to wake him and suction out his little nose. I wake Matt up because suctioning a baby by yourself is like brushing an alligators teeth. As soon as we wake Jack up and he seeing the aspirator, he is completely beside himself and begins to cry out. That didn’t help. After trying to get him to settle down a little to suction his sinuses, we give up and put the aspirator away for a little. Jack’s breahing slows a little but it is still a little labored. He is breathing heavy and only through his mouth. After a couple failed attempts by Jack to get a pacifier in his mouth and still breathe, he gives up in a fit. He starts to cry again and introduces a wet and growling cough. I sounds like he is trying to cough something up but only ends up bringing it half way up and choking on it. Matt and I take a long look at each other (I think we both have telepathy) and start getting the essentials together to a ride to Children’s.

Matt gets Jack suited up in his coat and carseat and puts his feeding system in the travel bag. I head downstairs to put his diaper bag together and make sure the travel oxygen is charged and ready to go. Even though we always leave it charged, it’s nice to check it before heading out ino the early a.m. hours on an emergency room trip.

By the time we get into the car, it’s about 2am and Jack’s cough is starting to get a little more productive. About 5 minutes into the car ride and his cough has finally produced something. Jack vomits about 60 mL (about 2 ounces) of mucus and formula. After that, his cough is dry and ‘barky’. And no, I don’t think ‘barky’ is a technical term.

As soon as we got to the front desk of the emergency department, we checked in and were brought to a room where Jack’s vitals were taken. He was running a low grade fever but everything else, including oxygen saturations looked great. We were moved to a private room in the department and waited for a doctor.

Once the doctor walked into the door, it only took a couple of seconds to diagnose Jack with croup. The cough gave him away. But the doctor went though the steps and listened to Jack. It sounded like your run-of-the-mill case of croup with no serious issues. A steroid was given along with a dose of Tylenol and we waited to see if Jack’s airway would re-open. Meanwhile, Jack was being a very good boy and being as patient as a nearly one-year old would be in the hospital at 3am.

The doctor revisited our room and listened to Jack’s lungs and airway. He was breathing clear now but still have a little bit of a rattle in his left lung. No surprise there. An albuterol tratment by way of nebulizer would do the trick. Jack quietly sat through one 5 minute treatment which turned into a 20 minutes treatment (the ED was saturated with croup and other ailments). Towards the end of the treatment, Jack’s attention strayed away from Phineas and Ferb which played on my phone. He now wanted to play with the nebulizer mask. But he had been a good and patient little boy,  he should get a toy.

After waiting about 30 minutes to make sure that the albuterol did the trick, we were awaiting discharge papers and on our way. Jack had a new pep in his step (stroller) and we were all happily awaiting bed time.

Since getting back home, Jack has slowly felt better and I rode the croup roller coaster with my big deline on saturday and am slowing joining Jack with better health.

So, back to the title. If you don’t know the reference or would like to relive a little of your childhood, feast your eyes and ears and enjoy the show.


One thought on “Croup, There It Is

  1. That little boy does not deserve this, I am so happy he has you and Matthew as his parents. I hope he is feeling better and you 2 are rested too. See you all Saturday.. I love you all.

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