The Vacation Saga Continues: Day 1

We are back from vacation and finally catching up with regular life again. I have gone through my pictures and decided that it’s time to go back to the beach already. We all had a great time and Jack loved the beach.

We started off the week at 1:30 am with a broken air conditioner. When we all arrived at the condo in the wee hours of the morning, we turned on all the amenities but the cool air didn’t come. My Dad did some trouble shooting while I held a bowl to collect all the ice that had collected on the coils. Matt and Jack fell asleep on the floor in front of the open patio door since it was a cool 85 degrees in the house. Soon, I called it quits and I gathered my crew to go to bed. My Dad would get up a couple more times over the course of the night to work on the AC. It was fixed by a maintenance crew in the morning. While we waited for the repair guy to show up, we left for breakfast at the Broken Egg and all enjoyed some breakfast food and planned our day.

The first order of business is to go to the beach and introduce Jack to the ocean. We all slathered ourselves with sunscreen (for the obvious reasons) and headed across the street to the beach. Jack was fighting with the sunlight but did really well with the heat. Once we reached the beach, Jack became very interested in his surroundings. A couple of pictures and a set up of the beach umbrella and we were off for the water. Jack watched as I held him and walked into the surf. Everything was fine until the first wave brushed against his foot. He gave me a look of concern and lost control. He was crying and trying to lift his feet out of the water. I tried to sit down in the surf that was rolling up on the sand but he still wanted nothing to do with it. We headed back onto the beach.

 But that’s okay. Matt was looking for an excuse to take a little nap. Matt and Jack relaxed under the umbrella while my parents and I hung out in the ocean and enjoyed some waves. The water temperature was perfect and there wasn’t a lot of debris in the ocean from Hurricane Isaac. Once our frolicking was over, we joined the boys on the beach and drank some water and beer. Matt and I decided that this would be a good time to take a walk on the beach. Jack was feeding and my Mom was going to stay and hang out with Jack for a while. So we started off our walk with a couple of pictures. First has to be the classic ‘self photo’ that Matt and I always get. I’m always entertained at how completely ‘off’ my camera aim can be even though the iPhone allows you to turn the camera and view as you shoot. This was the better of the two.

Our objective was to take a leisurely stroll, have an adult chat and find some cool sea shells. I think we were pretty successful. The beach was pretty light on people and the sand was soft and inviting. It was a beautiful day for a walk on the sand. We were heading to the far end of the crescent which is called Rocky Point, namely because it’s the rocky point of the beach. There is a little house down on a breaker wall which collects a lot of shells so it was a great destination for a shell-collection walk. It was nice to have a conversation with Matt and didn’t involve Jack’s medication schedule, children’s songs or baby talk. Just two people, enjoying each other. Remember that? But after this hellacious year,  I still didn’t forget how much I love to spend time with Matt. We chatted and collected shells in Matt’s pockets as we walked. We finally reached Rocky Point and it didn’t disappoint. There were two distinctly different but beautiful houses on the point. Either of which I would be happy to acquire. The surf was lightly splashing up on the breaker wall and the collected rocks and the sea gulls and pelicans were enjoying the natural seafood trap. In classic Matt and Kaytee behavior, we talked about the houses and the surrounding landscape and failed to look for shells. We talked about the houses as if they were ours. A girl can dream.

Then it was back to the beach umbrella to see how Jack and my mom were doing. Jack had just been changed into a clean diaper and was finished with his feeding. It was time for some fun in the sun sand. Sunscreen can only do so much. Jack was loving the sand and was motivated to eat as much as he could. We took pictures of our feet in the sand and Jack’s first sand foot print.  Everyone needs a photo of their feet in the sand. It had been a great day and a wonderful way to kick off a vacation.

Our bellies started to rumble, so it was time to have a discussion. Where were we going to eat for dinner? There are a couple of promising restaurants for a first night dinner. We couldn’t go anywhere that was too loud since Jack was almost guaranteed to fall asleep at dinner. The decision was to eat at The Daiquiri Deck since it was a Thursday night and probably wouldn’t be too crowded with the weekend crew yet.


Huh?                                        Where?                              Oh, it’s just you.

There was a big shark in the front of the bar so naturally we took pictures. What is vacation without sticking your head through a piece of plywood? But the night didn’t last long. We had a couple nights ahead of us still and we didn’t want to use all of our hangover points on the first night. We ate our dinner and enjoyed a couple drinks and were off to bed at a reasonable hour. Tomorrow would bring more fun.


4 thoughts on “The Vacation Saga Continues: Day 1

  1. The photo of Kaytee and Jack is ADORABLE! Great to hear you all had a wonderful time.. And, I’m so glad you had such quality time with your honey!!! I enjoy reading you’re posts so much. Love you all. Aunt Melanie, and uncle Paul!!

  2. You all definitely deserved this vacation and I am so happy Jack liked the beach. Maybe one day you will be able to own that house on the beach where you can let Jack and Amber out to just run to the beach…. I love you all

    • That plan with the house sounds like a great idea. I wish I would have taken a picture but I wouldn’t want anyone to take a picture of my house, so I practiced a little control. It’s rare but does happen on occasion.

  3. I LOVE the feet picture!!!! Is it weird that I want a copy? hahaha I can’t wait to see the rest of them. You all look so happy and i’m glad you got to spend such a great time together as a family. Love you all xoxo

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