One Step Forward, One Step Back

Mealtime in the Roettgers’ house has been an adventure the past couple days. Jack is starting to take an interest in eating orally. This has been an up and down battle for us since he came home. Every time we have to adjust his tube feeds for a procedure, it seems to undo all our progress on oral feeding. But lately, his interest has been building since we decided to allow him to ‘self-feed’. This in itself is an adventure but it’s one that is entertaining to watch. Our latest mistake was when we were confident that he was making strides with his diet and could handle not only an increase in volume in tube feed, but also a decrease in the time he is given this feed. The result was vomit. And a lot of it. Jack has been vomiting about 1-2 times per day after a bolus feed. All this vomiting has also caused some granulation tissue under his Mic-key button but not enough to cause too much alarm.

The possible solution was given to us today by the High Risk Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We will be reducing his feeds by more than the original increase but keeping it at the same speed. Hopefully this will decrease the need for vomiting but also allow Jack to feel hungry in between feedings and be interested in oral feedings as well. His first bolus at the new settings was tonight and there was only gagging, no vomit. Maybe the total transition will take a couple feedings since the vomiting could be caused by his GERD.

To prove to you how adorable Jack is while trying to ‘self feed’, I have saved some photos for you.

As you can see, He enjoys to paint his face with Mango and Pear puree before he eats his Honey Graham Cracker. Then, after realizing the full potential of a plastic cup of Chef Boyardee, he falls half into a food coma and leans toward the exit.

So, tell me. Do you have any fun advice for getting a baby with a feeding aversion to eat soft solids?


4 thoughts on “One Step Forward, One Step Back

  1. I cannot begin to tell you how excited and happy I am to hear you guys are letting him feed himself! We followed baby led solids with Nolan and it went fantastic! It is really good for them to be in control with their food and totally worth the mess! I highly recommend the book “Baby-led-weaning” by Gill Rapley, amazing read…also another great source for info is and baby led weaning let your babies feed themselves on fb. We started Nolan out with whole avocado and whole bananas which are slippery so we rolled the bananas in rice crispies for a better grip. Also we would steam stick shaped vegetables like carrots and squash and whole broccoli florets until soft but still a teensy bit firm. have fun getting messy! Yay for jack! I know he’s loving it, its definitely what’s natural 😀

  2. I wish I had some Kaytee, but we just had one of ours who was in love with Gerbers spinach lasagna and would turn away everything but that. Best of luck sweetie.

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