28 Pints Richer

Saturday was our 1st Annual CDH Awareness Blood Drive hosted at the Holy Trinity Festival in Norwood, Ohio and what a day! I have to thank all of you who came out to support Jack and donate your blood for your community. Our goal was to replace the blood that Jack used during ECMO. He used approximately 25 pints of blood and we collected 28 pints! By my calculations (thanks iPhone calculator) we have potentially saved 84 lives.

There were a lot of first time donors that came out to support their community and a lot of return donors. I hope you all continue to donate regularly. Your contribution has to come from donors like you. For those of you who came out and were turned away for ineligibility, thank you for coming out and giving us your time. We really appreciated it and enjoyed your company. Thank you to Aunt Linda for holding Jack while I ate lunch!!

We were given a beautiful day to start and everything went smoothly after that. The bus was parked on the Montgomery Road entrance so we had great visibility. The first two donors came in at noon while I was getting Jack ready for the event so we missed them (sorry to miss you, Suzie but thank you). From that point on, there was always someone in the donor bus at all times. The Hoxworth staff was so fun and easy to work with and the donors were eager to give to the cause and hang out with Jack.

A special thanks to Elizabeth from Breath of Hope, INC for supplying the CDH Awareness bracelets, pamphlets, temporary tattoos and ribbon pins. The kids (adults) loved the tattoos and the by the end of the festival, there were plenty of CDH Awareness bracelets walking around.

Unfortunately, I was having so much fun during the drive that I started taking pictures late in the day. Next year, my goals are to collect 35 pints of blood and do a better job on documentation. Enjoy!


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