A Second Homecoming

Matt and I may be finishing our workday tomorrow by taking our little baby home! I know! I thought he would have another couple of days in the big house but like classic Jack behavior, it is a couple days after surgery and he has decided that he no longer wants to be in the hospital. The deciding factor will be if he can take a bolus of formula in the morning and not vomit. Other than that, he is peeing and pooping great and keeping his continuous feeds down. He is a determined little boy.

As soon as we heard the news tonight, my mind started racing with all the things that we will have to complete before Jack can come home. Since Matt, my dad and Tim (Matt’s friend) worked on the kitchen on Friday, the house is really dusty and cluttered. Matt and I would have to get home so we can do some serious cleaning. My mom is going to come over during the day on Wednesday to do some more cleaning so it can all be possible. Thanks, Mom!! I also finally hung up all the clothes that my cousin Susan brought to us about a month ago. Thank you to Susan as well! This boy is going to be well dressed.

So, after a couple hours of cleaning by me and picking up plaster by Matt, we relaxed a little and planned another coming home outfit for Jack. This outfit is just a yellow Ralph Lauren onesie/shorts. We are going with simple since it is going to be hot and Jack can run hot on his own. We went with yellow because Matt is playing softball tomorrow and had gone a game without this lucky charm last week (Matt plays for the yellow Pleasant Ridge team). A pair of leather flip flops and his sunglasses (a gift from my cousin Amy) is going to finish off the whole outift. A half a dozen toys and we will be ready to travel.

I can’t wait to have him  home again. Matt and I were talking today about how he has only been in the house for two months, but in that time, he has become a staple and we miss having the little guy around. I’m still turning on the video monitor at night out of paranoia habit and having to turn it back off. Yes, I am still using the video monitor throughout the night. I like to keep tabs on a baby that sleeps as soundly as Jack does.

So, I hope this is the last post before Jack comes home. Keep the prayers coming!


6 thoughts on “A Second Homecoming

  1. Well Jack I was going to come and see you after my clinic this morning but I would rather you go home to your own bed, Amber and those 2 wonderful parents. I hope you feel good enough to come to my house on Sunday for Fathers Day….. I love you my little man and I am soooooo proud of you, Mommy and Daddy..

  2. I can’t wait to come and see my sweet little Jack! I will text to make those arrangements 🙂
    love you all very much!!! give him EXTRA hugs and kisses from Aunt Jenni today!!

  3. Hope he heads home today. Yesterday when I came in he barfed just a little, but still managed a smile for MawMaw. (He didn’t barf because I came in –just saying!) Jack is a kid after my own heart. He’s already beginning to love books. Kaytee was reading a book to him, and his eyes were moving right along and laughing and looking at the pictures. Then he put it in his mouth to chew the corners. Good on the inside and on the outside!! I was reading a name meaning book, and it said that “Jack” means – hard worker — someone who gets the job done!! That’s our boy for sure!!



  4. What a strong little boy we have. I can’t wait to see his new tooth and your welcome for the house cleaning but I will be needing a new mani and pedi. hehe

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