The Road to Recovery

Last we spoke, Jack was post surgery and recovering from his bowel repair. Now, four days later, he is doing the same. Jack had a little bit of a long weekend but if you know Jack’s past recovery plans, you know that this is Jack’s style. A little rough patch in the beginning but then he takes off and recovers quickly.

On Thursday after the surgery, Jack decided to pull out his NG tube which was quickly put back into place by his nurses. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful considering that it took the night to get a hold of his pain management. A little of this is to be expected with an infant after a bowel surgery. Matt and I turned in on the super comfortable pull-out bed in Jack’s room. By Friday morning, Matt and I woke up with the decision from the surgeons to pull the NG tube since it wasn’t draining a considerable amount of fluid from Jack’s stomach. And since he was urinating appropriately, they would get rid of his foley catheter too. This was good news since we knew that this would put Jack into a more comfortable mood and he could work more on pain management.

Well, this didn’t last long. Jack started throwing up shortly after noon on Friday and was taken down to radiology to make sure that the newly placed NG tube was in the right location and that there was no obstruction in Jack’s bowel that would be causing him to vomit. The x-ray proved that there was no obstruction in Jack’s bowel which was a great relief and he was sent back up to his room for further observation. The theory is that the NG tube was not put into the correct place the night before and therefore wasn’t draining properly. Instead, all the fluid that couldn’t go through Jack’s ‘still sleeping’ GI tract had to exit in the path of least resistance. Jack would go on to vomit two more times during the day and his urine output slowly tapered off to nothing by the evening. His fluid was increased and the catheter was put back into place and Lasix was given to help pull fluid into his urinary tract. By this time, he had started to poop from his bottom and we were given a little reason to celebrate. My mom was at the hospital with me and we hung out with Jack until he fell asleep from complete exhaustion from the day. At that time, my mom headed home and I got comfy on the ‘still awesome pull-out bed’. Since Matt was at the house working on the kitchen (gotta get the dusty work completed while Jack is out of the house), Jack and I had a little alone time.

By Saturday afternoon, he was doing well with no vomiting so a continuous rate of Pedialyte was given through his gastric tube. Matt joined me at the hospital for some lunch and some quality Jack time which were both greatly enjoyed by all three of us. We worked on developmental milestones with Jack and watched some cartoons and his attitude had greatly improved. Matt and I left for home at about dinner time when Jack finally couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. I couldn’t wait to get home either. I had planned all day to get Jack’s ostomy supplies together. At Jack’s next High Risk appointment, they were going to be donated to the clinic for another needing family. Oh, the blessings I am going to count when I hand over that box-of-burden!

Once I was sufficiently satisfied (and Matt was sufficiently annoyed) that the box was properly organized and orderly, we readied ourselves for a night out. It was a friend’s birthday and we were going to join some people for drinks and some laid back fun times. Lounging on the river with some drinks and a band would do the trick. But as it turned out, the relaxing night was only enjoyed by Matt and I. Once Jack was up to his full continuous rate of 42 mL/hour, he began to vomit and didn’t stop until the feeds were turned off completely. They would stay off until Monday at around 10am.

So, here we are. Monday night. Jack’s feeds are still at the original rate of 10mL/hour and won’t be increased until tomorrow morning. The plan is to increase the Pedialyte feeds very slowly. Once he is tolerating his full continuous feeds, the nutrition will be changed to Elecare formula. Hopefully then he can come home. We are still working on the urine…

So, I will leave you with a photo of a handsome baby. It was taken Sunday night after all the vomiting was finished and Jack started to get back to his own giggly self. I am going to call the hospital for one last check-in before I go to bed.


P.S. I just called to check in and he’s doing great. Sleeping away and he had one really good pee diaper! I think A4 is getting used to my calling frequency.


One thought on “The Road to Recovery

  1. Sometimes it is those little things in life that make us so thrilled! Pooping and peeing is oh so important, and taken for granted so easily. Love you all dearly….just take it slow Jack…whatever it needs to be for your little body to work right…heal little pea! Love your great uncle Paul and aunt Melanie

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