Jack is a “Bad Ass” for a reason.

Now to clarify, when I say “Bad Ass”, I am referring to how amazing this kid is. Tomorrow he goes in for his 12th (I think) surgery. Finally the day Kaytee and I have been waiting for since the first time we had to change his ostomy bag. The take down surgery. So why is Jack such a “Bad Ass”. I will clarify.

Here is a kid who has been through ECMO, multiple surgeries involving diaphragm, bowel, heart, lungs, etc (I will spare you the detailed list), but that is only part of why he is such a “Bad Ass”. The real reason is because after all that he just looks at you and starts laughing. He is the happiest little boy after everything he has been through, and that is what makes him a “Bad Ass”.

Now, this shouldn’t come to many as a surprise. And I am going to take this time to praise my wonderful wife, and Jack’s mother, Kaytee (she doesn’t know I am doing this right now because she is with Jack at his helmet appointment). Watching her fight for Jack and this family is extremely inspirational. Between her working at her job and constantly in contact with anyone or any organization involved in Jack’s well being, she is a marvel to see in action. I am sure everyone at Children’s Hospital can attest to that.

I am starting to get this parenting thing down, but Jack and I would be lost puppies without Kaytee. She is truly the glue that keeps our happy little family together. So there is a reason why Jack is such a “Bad Ass”. It is because her mom is the “Queen of Bad Asses”. I love you Kaytee very much. Thanks for being such a wonderful wife and mother to our son.

And what’s a post without a pic. Check out Jack flying a kite…sort of.

Let’s go fly a kite, up where the…something something. (Think Mary Poppins)


3 thoughts on “Jack is a “Bad Ass” for a reason.

  1. His dad is equally bad ass =) jack has simply clarified what we all knew about you and kaytee all along! And the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. so excited for the three of you and my thoughts will be with you guys in the morning.

  2. I can only agree with you, Lindsey. Matt is also pretty bad ass. He sometimes down plays his contributions to the family and to Jack’s health, but in reality we are a team and I think he is just as involved. However, I think we can all agree that I am a little more vocal about some things than he is… : )

  3. Kaytee you have amazed me from the first day you found out you were on bedrest until our little Wonder Boy came into this world. You did everything to insure that Jack was born safe, so I agree with my Godson he gets his Bad Ass from his Beautiful Mother. You have fought for him and now he is fighting for you. You and Matthew are Amazing, and our little Jack, well just look at him, he is Handsome, Strong, and a HAPPY…… I know Great Grandma is with him keeping him safe. I love you all so much. See you soon

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