4 Days and Counting

Changing pad, ostomy wafer, wafer scissors, ostomy kit, roll of paper towels, baby wipes, beer. Let’s change an ostomy bag.

After a couple days of no internet we are finally back to the age of technology. It’s amazing to think about the days when we didn’t have a way for people to get in contact with us regardless of our location…and it’s wasn’t too long ago. How easy we forget.

So, as you can see from the title of this post, Jack will be going in to surgery in 4 days to have his ostomy takedown. For Jack’s previous surgeries and procedures, I was always a little eager because I know they were necessary for him to move forward and get better. With this surgery, I am so excited for this surgery because I know that it will make everyone in the family feel better. Jack will finally have a chance to get rid of his perpetual rash, Matt and I will no longer have to change a bag that has either displaced itself or has been peeled off by Jack, and Amber will not have to hear me freak out during the bag change.

The entire ostomy bag change is very stressful for me. Matt will sometimes tell a story of an event that happened when he and I first started dating. I was in my ‘third’ year of Nutrition Sciences at UC and I was sitting in the kitchen of my apartment looking through Martini’s Atlas of the Human Body. No illustrations here, just cadavers. The notable part is that I was enjoying a ham sandwich which Matt found appalling.  And my favorite classes were when we were cutting something up. Gross. But here I am not doing any cutting, just cleaning a healthy portion of my son’s intestines and I can’t handle it. I guess it’s different when the visible organs are your son’s.

But, to update you all from the last post. Jack is doing very well. His bag is still falling off but not nearly as much as it did last tuesday. We are averaging our usual two bags a day and he is handling his feeds well. Now all we need is a pediatric visit for his pre-surgery physical.



5 thoughts on “4 Days and Counting

  1. So excited for your family to be able to have this procedure and move on to the next few more chapters of his life! Every one of your stories just helps me stop my grumbling and be so grateful for my kids. I thank God for yours and Matt’s love and strength you give so freely. I thank God for how He entrusted this precious child of His to two of the bravest, determined, fun loving parents I know. My kiddos pray for him daily. Love you much!! Aunt Melanie and your uncle Paul.

    • Thank you for the prayers, Aunt Melanie. They are always going to come in handy. And I’m glad that this blog can help you but I have to admit, I do continue with with a little bit of selfish intentions. It is really therapeutic to write about what is going on in our house and it really gives me a chance to reflect. The bag change after this post went rather smoothly because I was replaying the process in my head and realizing where and when I was losing my ‘cool’.

  2. He’s going to do well for his surgery, I can just feel it. I do have to brag that my bags usually hold up the longest and yes I too need a beer afterwards.

  3. Thinking of you all for in the morning…jack is going to do great. Love you all ❤ xoxoxo looking forward to hearing about your relief and the many diapers you will change!!!

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