A Quick Edit and Reflection

I’ll make this quick since I have to wake up for work in 4 hours…Ugh. I received a call today from Dr. Lim that he is interested in talking early next week about getting Jack in for his takedown surgery. This is the surgery that Matt referred to in the last post where Jack’s  small intestine will be reconnected and placed back into his body. He is planning to complete the surgery in the first or second week of June! I couldn’t have been happier with this news. Of course I am referring to the fact that swim suit season is just around the corner. If you know much about human anatomy (I never wanted to know as much as I do now), Jack’s ostomy is at a point to where everything comes out at-will….and not exactly with much…well, body (?). Could you imagine sporting your first stylish swimsuit ever with a liquid filled bag hanging from the side? Not cute. And think of the tan lines!

But, in all honesty. If you have read ANY of the past posts, you know that Matt, Jack and I have struggled with this ileostomy from the beginning. I can’t wait to hold my baby without fear that the bag will fall off and cover him (and me) with stool. I can’t wait until we don’t have to glue a bag onto the skin of a child with an adhesive allergy. And I can’t wait to give him a proper bath without being cautious of the bag getting wet and coming off, only to require us to spend the next two hours re-bathing and replacing the bag. And I know just the presence of the bag alone bothers Jack. If he gets the chance, he will grab, scratch and pull to get it off his body. His red, blotchy skin is my confirmation.

So, why am I up this late? It is 1:30am on a Thursday morning. I stayed up to administer some medications that were due at 1am. So, now you can see another little reason why I am ready to more forward. My reward was getting my last eyeful of Jack, peacefully sleeping with both hands tucked under his head as if he is lounging on a tropical beach vacation somewhere in his dreams. Enjoy it, Baby. You deserve it.


One thought on “A Quick Edit and Reflection

  1. Can’t wait to take him on his first vacation to the beach and make sand castles (I already promised him I would while he was in the nicu) and yes you can come too mommy and daddy, you just have to bring your own buckets and shovels!

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