Summer is a time for removing layers.

And based on our visit to Children’s yesterday for Jack’s High Risk appointment, he may lose a layer that has been causing quite a “stink” for his mother and I. That’s right, Dr. Lim believes he will be taking down his stoma and relieving our duties of ostomy care in the next month or two. Most likely late June, early July. I never thought I would look forward to changing a sh!t filled diaper, but bring it on.

This is also motivation to finally get our pool opened for the first time since we moved in to our house 2 years ago. Jack will be able to enjoy the summer a little more without having that bag attached to him. Here is a weekend pic of him already getting into the spirit. Also keeping with the theme of bagged sh!t an insert from one of the greatest movies of all time, Billy Madison.

No autographs, please. I am napping.

[after putting dog poop in a paper bag and lighting it on fire on Old Man Clemens’ porch]
Billy Madison: Oh my God, Old Man Clemens hates shit.
Frank: Shh, here he comes.
Old Man Clemens: Who the hell is it? What do you want? Judas Priest, Barbara, it’s one of those flaming bags again.
Barbara: Don’t put it out with your boots, Ted.
Old Man Clemens: Don’t tell me my business, Devil Woman. Call the fire department, this one’s outta control.
[Old Man Clemens steps on the bag, then lifts up his boot and smells]
Old Man Clemens: Eck, poop again.
Billy Madison: He called the shit “poop”.
[Billy, Jack, and Frank laugh hysterically]
Frank: This is the best night of my life.
[They continue laughing]
Old Man Clemens: I’ll get you damn kids for this. You’re all gonna die.


4 thoughts on “Summer is a time for removing layers.

  1. It was so great taking care of Jack and we all love seeing all the pictures and hearing how great he’s doing! Hope you get rid of that ostomy very soon and he can enjoy the pool! Take care and tell Jack all his favorites from CCHMC say hi šŸ™‚

    • Shannon, it was great for such wonderful nurses to take care of him. We miss you guys. And you may be seeing him a little sooner than we thought since Dr. Lim is going to call me early next week to schedule the takedown! Yeah. He will be on the 4 floor with the other peds.

      Two things, do you know when Barb’s last day is? We would like to come see her before she retires but everytime we visit after an appointment, it’s her day off. Also, we are looking to have a blood drive in July, if this is something that CCHMC staff can participate in, we’d like to know if anyone is interested. You don’t have to donate to come have a good time, it’s an added bonus.

      • They are throwing her a retirement party on June 5th from 3-6 so I know she will be there on that day! I’m so happy to hear his takedown will be soon!! And the blood drive is definitely something we can participate in and I’m sure many people would love to! You can email me a flier and I can forward it to staff or you can bring some in when you come visit!

  2. So happy for jack and the two of you that it will go sooner than later, what a relief! I can’t begin to imagine! Those poopy diapers will be rather rewarding after all you guys have been through!

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