I’m Coming Out Of Blog Retirement

Sorry for my second absence from the blog in recent history. Did you miss me? With two visits from corporate at work and busy nights of juggling work-taken-home and Jack, I have been valuing my sleep a lot more and trying to get the most that is available to me. I actually did the dishes for the first time tonight in about two weeks. Matt and my mom can attest to that. I also made some raspberry pectin jelly candies which will be finished tomorrow. Some will be sugar coated and some will be chocolate coated – all the them will be naturally flavored and colored. YUM! I will keep you updated.

And even though I have not written anything in quite a while, I really don’t have much to report. I probably would if I was keeping up with the updates, but all my blog efforts have been replaced by shelf life testing, product launch timing and new product lab production. Sheesh. When is a girl to relax?! But in all truth, I am unseasonably busy this week so my writing will catch up soon enough.

A little Jack nugget-Jack likes apples and HATES squash. I agree with him. With one taste of Gerber Stage 1 squash, it found a new home in the trash can and Jack enjoyed some Gerber Stage 2 apples. Why stage 2? It’s more food for the same price. I ain’t no dumby.

So, Jack enjoyed some apples while I enjoyed his company. He is such a delightful boy to be around. He smiles, he’s interactive, and his ‘happy feet’ always move a mile a minute. And he is really starting to like his oral feeding windows. He is now on a consolidated feeding schedule which allows him to take in all his daily calories in 4 ‘windows’. The rest of the time is spent off his feeds which gives him a chance to experience that hungry feeling. This is when I give him a little baby food to let him know that food is not only tastey, but good for you too.  And he is really starting to take control of the eating practice already. Yesterday, he would grab my hands and bring the spoon to his mouth. I can’t wait until he is just overjoyed at the sight of food.


Enjoy a little Jack view and I will return with more energy, more updates, some CDH info and some finished candy!


One thought on “I’m Coming Out Of Blog Retirement

  1. Awwwww wonderful pictures! He is so darn cute! Love your posts kaytee and I will admit I miss them when you are otherwise engaged! Xoxo!

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