And this one belongs to the…


That’s right. Welcome the new member to Reds Nation, Jack the Red. As you can see he has his new helmet. He seems to show little concern about the helmet, but he does stress that if the Reds don’t get their bats going it will be a long summer for the Redlegs.

Tonight will be our first attempt at having Jack wear it overnight. Our biggest concern is since day one Jack has always used rubbing his head as a soothing mechanism. Hopefully this doesn’t deter that, and more importantly he doesn’t find his hands smashed under the helmet. Though it is rather funny, ever since we brought the helmet home he has all of a sudden started sleeping on his side. It’s as if he knows what the helmet is for, and like every obstacle before this he wants to kick its butt. The experts say 3-4 months of wearing the helmet at 23 hours a day. Jack doesn’t take a liking to those numbers, so we will see when he says he is ready to move on. He has done a fantastic job so far.

This is Jack’s father rounding third and heading for home. GO REDS! GO JACK!

I’m on deck?!

Yeah our team played well. You just go out there and play your hardest. You know.


4 thoughts on “And this one belongs to the…

  1. awww my little sweet Jack!! Tell him he will get to see me again Saturday for some “quality Aunt Jenni time”…love him!!!

  2. Congratulations on your first post, Matt. Keep them coming. I think you have a great writing style and everyone is going to love reading about Jack from your perspective.

    As for Jack’s new look, he really is doing great with the helmet. The only problem I have with it is the odor it gives off when we take it off to reveal his sweaty mane. Yick. But he is darn cute!

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